More mushrooms – Miller mania

My favourite fungus is abundant at the moment. Even in places where I’ve not found it before. In fact masses of different fungi all seem to have decided that the conditions are just right for fruiting. 

The Miller (Clitopilus prunulus)

I don’t generally share my Millers. As I’ve said, they could be a bit problematic for a novice to identify and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to take a risk on eating something that they weren’t comfortable with – I certainly wouldn’t! More people are happy to take a Cep or two. And I’ve been distributing my finds these past few days. I can’t eat them all and still have loads dried from last year. I couldn’t risk leaving them in the field as the hunting season has just begun and the last thing I want is for some hungry hunter to stumble upon my secret places and help themselves and potentially keep coming back for more!

Cep/Penny Bun (Boletus edulis) and Horse mushroom (Agaricus arvensis)

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