Will the rain ever stop so that Spring can get started?

It just won’t stop raining for more than five minutes to let the ground dry out and warm up. I am getting pissed off.

If I walk on the grass or on the soil it turns immediately into slippery, gloopy mud. And it’s not very warm – neither the soil nor the temperature. ¬†And it doesn’t ‘feel’ like spring.

Of course, it is Spring. The garden knows and is waking up (thankfully slowly at the moment.) The blossom buds are swelling on the peach trees, cherries, pears and quince. These will break when there is the first, sustained, burst of sun and warmth. The apples and plums are taking a bit more time.

I’m hopeful for a good harvest after the disaster of last year’s devastating late frost. With luck the almost total wipe out back then which gave the trees an enforced rest means they’ll bounce back with bounty(!)

However, now I am in limbo. Waiting. Without heat and light there’s no point in risking much in the way of seed sowing as they’ll either sulk or rot. The potatoes are waiting too. And as the soil is unworkable they are going to have to carry on waiting.

I have¬†planted onions, shallots and garlic. Although there’s nothing showing yet. And I had no choice but to get on and start grafting – some of the scions were looking on the edge of viability. So I braved the drizzle and climbed the ladder today. Not ideal conditions – cold fingers made me clumsy and the grafting tape less adhesive. The rain made me sulky.

The butterflies have been few and far between. A couple of male Brimstones, three Small Tortoiseshells and a Red Admiral that woke up a bit too early, and a solitary Peacock. Not all on the same day.

But, despite the grumbling, there has been much beauty:Crocus ‘Vanguard’

Narcissus ‘Jetfire’ (again – not last year’s photo, I love them!)

Now….I think this is a Ground Beetle. I’m checking ID

But this is definitely Ranunculus ficaria on the roadside, just past the house.


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