Catching up with Spring – but look at the date!

It’s been a fairly difficult Spring so far…Too many stops and starts in the weather. Too many cold days which meant the soil seemed to be taking ages to warm up. Now, even though it’s warm ‘enough’ theoretically, and things germinated well in the burst of extreme heat in early April. Since then they’ve just sat in the cold and shivered. A bit like me. But now it’s warming up! And we are rushing into Spring so fast that I can’t keep up with it. So here are some pictures of Spring before it all goes bonkers and out of control, and is in fact, Summer!

I found this little guy nestling in a tray of seedling Acers in the basement – just about warmer there than outside…

This was the first, proper asparagus harvest of this year. It was tasty. There have been several more since then.
I’m always impressed by Rhododendrons, but never really sure if I actually likeĀ them. This one, contrasted against the lime green Viburnum leaf is certainly zingy!

Blossom on ‘Reine de reinettes’

Freshly opening Chive flowers.

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