Not another butterfly post…..?

How could I resist this Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) on ‘Royal Red’ Buddleia? Despite the heat I’ve been surprised that the Painted Ladies have been so scarce. This is just the second so far this Summer.

But in the garden there are also:

My new ‘companion’ who sits at my feet and waits for whatever scraps fall in its direction. Cheese, croissant crumbs, berries…..they all disappear. No idea if it’s a male or a female until it loses its juvenile plumage in the Autumn.

My constant companion – apart from when she’s got something better to do – showing a distinct lack of road sense.

My newest neighbour and her mum.

And at last something that’s been rarely sighted so far… This has been the poorest summer for fungi that I can remember. I picked this just after the day of heavy rain we had last Sunday. Russula virescens. Not especially common here. (At least I don’t find it often.) Edible and good. However one solitary mushroom didn’t provide much of a meal! I’d thought that there would be more on their way but it became too hot again, too quickly and they all stayed underground…

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