Out of sorts, but there is still some good stuff…

A version of Rumtopft. Except not really as it was all put in on the same day in a bid to use a mixture of fruit that isn’t jam or chutney… The fruit with the star shape is actually a tomato.

Brown Turkey figs have cropped well – and grown exponentially. Masses of little ones that won’t come to anything in this climate, but it’s been great to have the abundance of enough ripe ones to be able to slice a few and eat them with a mild ewe’s milk cheese, add them to fruit salads, eat them straight from the tree and even drop a couple into the bottle above! (and seeing that this is about positive things I’m not going to dwell overmuch on the quantities that the cheeky mice have been attacking. I know this for a fact as they can’t eat a whole one in one sitting. But their teeth marks are there as evidence. I just shut my eyes and finish off whatever they’ve left.)

‘Lemon Plum’ tomatoes. There’ll be more tomato stuff on my next post. But I’m loving the ‘lemon’ look of this variety.

Fishing this week finally produced a proper catch. Here’s a Garfish/Aiguillette (right), a Chub Mackerel/Maquereau Espagnol – not as good eating as a standard one, but huge and powerful, and finally, on the left, my first ever Gilthead Bream/Dorade. I wish I liked eating them all as much as I enjoy catching them!

Damsons. Not from my own garden. I have a neighbour who’s rarely here to get the benefit from his trees…but doesn’t mind that I do. I’ve dried all these in a dehydrator and jarred them up for later. I know Damson jam is lovely, but I haven’t eaten my 2015 jars yet.

Boletus erythropus. Syn. Boletus luridifomis now called Neoboletus luridifomis. Common name in French – bolet a pied rouge (red-foot bolete). Whatever…It’s a very pretty mushroom, that turns a disturbingly bright blue immediately on cutting. It needs to be well cooked to avoid digestive upsets. So, although I could, I’ve never really felt inclined to eat it!

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