Autumn finally arrives…

Misty morning looking out over the field from the garden…It’s raining now. I’m listening to the rain clattering on the roof lights and the wind is gusting. It possibly sounds more dramatic than it is as it’s dark out there. Today has given us the first rain for at least a month. Yesterday it was 24 degrees and beautifully sunny. It’s forecast to be fine again tomorrow, but the ‘summer’ temperatures have ended.

I’ve harvested a fair amount of seed whilst it’s been so dry. Normally I don’t succeed with things like lettuce – the seed pods get mildewed and mouldy and the seed isn’t viable, but this year has been good. I’ve a load of ‘Oreille du Diable’ (Devil’s Ear) – which I use as a loose leaf picking lettuce. I first came across it three or four years ago via my Seed Exchange group and have been ¬†sowing it every year since from the same batch of seed. I’m pleased to have renewed the stock – and I’ll have extra to take back and exchange again this year too.

The rain will (fingers crossed) have reminded all of those mushrooms out there that it’s time to rise and shine. It’s been a very poor season from point of view of fungi so far. But, if I had the choice to swap the amazing weather that we’ve had recently for an abundance of Boletes instead, I know I’d say ‘no’. But I’m quietly anticipating the pleasure of visiting all of my secret spots and seeing what’s occurring in the days to come…

But, for today, here’s what’s lovely:

The ‘Mare aux Fees’ ( Fairy Pond), ¬†Huelgoat. Rain just begin to fall.

More tomatoes…

A mix of ‘Conference’ and ‘Louise Bonne de Jersey’ pears. The latter is a variety that I grafted onto ‘Conference’ – the scion came from my tree in Walthamstow. An excellent harvest this year. I doubt that I can use them all up in the tiny window of when they’re just perfect. Not complaining!

A leaf from Amelanchier canadensis – Snowy mespilus.

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