The garden just keeps on giving…

The first direct sowings are finally done. Peas, parsnips, radish, lettuce, carrots and beetroots. It feels very late, but – putting my bare hands down into the damp soil – it doesn’t yet feel properly warm. So perhaps I’m still too early!

A good day, where I feel like I accomplished stuff. And the promise of several equally as good, weather wise, if the forecast is to be believed. I’m planning on cracking on with the sowing and planting. And, of course, continuing to attack the grass.

But, for now, here are today’s photos:

Horse Chestnut buds starting their sticky unfurling against a blue sky.

And, to carry on with the ‘blue’ theme, it doesn’t get much bluer than this. I’m awaiting help for the ID. I’ll edit this once I have it.

And here’s a slightly random plate of ‘fromage du tête’ (literally, ‘head cheese’) or brawn. Made from half of a pig’s head, slow cooked overnight and then set in its own jelly after having parsley, salt and pepper added…

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