Balanou…best bits today. Quite a few rhododendrons

Who would ever think that such deep crimson buds would open and fade quickly to such a delicate peachy, pale loveliness. Somewhere, I am sure, I will have noted it’s name. It’s the first I planted. And it’s huge now. Not as many flowers this year as last, but they are beautiful.

A chance planting of Hesperis matronalis alba with this deep red rhododendron. It works!

Not a favourite colour. But this is the only rhododendron cutting that I’ve successfully rooted. And this year is its very first flower. The cutting was taken at Begard in 2012. Seven years of waiting. A very good reason to pay more for a good sized rhododendron plant!

I love this Iris. I’d like more. But the voles won’t let me!

Spring salad: Rocket, Land Cress, Magentaspreen, chicory, and the first few leaves of ‘Marvel of four seasons’ lettuce.

Asparagus and Artichoke. Spring luxuries.

A view out over the garden from the house. Late evening.

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