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Well the rain continues – obviously not absolutely non-stop, but every day there have been some showers/drizzle/sustained pouring… There have been a couple of interludes where the sun has appeared albeit briefly, and the difference that burst of warmth and brightness makes to my mood is remarkable.
But everything is still sodden, squelchy and muddy. And the forecast is for more of the same but colder.
It now seems unlikely that I’ll get to see and photograph my much anticipated Clouded Yellow butterflies this year (although it was mid-November last year that they were in the garden, so I’m still hoping against hope…)

So, it’s great to have some lovely mushrooms – which don’t seem to have minded the weather.
Cantherellus tubaeformis – Tube Chanterelles – back again right on cue. Huelgoat Forest was completely carpeted with them. Every placement of every foot risked crushing some.
They are possibly my absolute favourite mushroom (alongside the Miller). They’re definitely one of the most fun to pick when they appear open such quantities that you can leave behind the tiddlers to grow on and concentrate on searching out the biggest.

So far they have been risottoed, cooked in butter as an accompaniment to roast veal, and today in a creamy sauce with pasta. I’ve also been distributing them amongst friends – I can’t eat them all quick enough! I’ve never really seen the point of frozen mushrooms, and drying them in the kind of weather we’ve got now is hardly an option!


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