Mr Blue Sky, please tell us why…

You have to hide away for so long?

First time that the Sky has been so blue for what seems like ages. It was accompanied by some strong breeze so it felt like some good drying weather was happening. All undone now as I hear the rain pattering on the roof as I write. So here are some pictures of lovely things that don’t need the dry to still be beautiful!

Stuff harvested from the garden this week. Another post will describe how underwhelmed and just pure unhappy I have been with what I’ve managed to produce this year, but this isn’t it. So, tomatillos, Uchiki Kuri and Delicata squash and some strawberry (popcorn) maize.

A friend of Caroline’s had made this sugary confection for her birthday. A boiled sweet stained glass with licorice lead-work. She gave it to me, I ate a little but the rest decorated the garden for a while!

These last three were taken on the Presqu’île de Landrellec. After heavy rain it miraculously stayed dry for my walk across it and back, only to rain again as I got to the car.

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