Last flowers standing…

The rain has really taken its toll on the garden. Only plastic flowers could’ve coped with the constant wet. So, not much to show… However, these Acidanthera have finally flowered after three years of waiting.
Delicately, sweetly scented and so pretty! They’re in pots to protect them from the voles.

Salvia Armistad. I will be so pleased if this overwinters successfully. It took a good month of daily wilting and watering before it settled into the garden (but yes, this was in the super-hot July weather.) It has just not stopped flowering, and each time the sun comes out it’s a magnet for the bumble bees, looking for nectar from the dwindling stocks available.

A seedling Acer palmatum from Michel. The vivid red it’s taken on really zings out. Another plant that I hope makes it through till Spring – I’ve not been that lucky with the Acers that have come my way. They have to pretty bulletproof to make it here!

And writing this a little later. Finally frosts have done for the Acidanthera, the Acer looks less vibrant, but the Salvia Armistad looks as good as ever it did. (It’ll probably collapse tomorrow!)

I’ve belatedly lifted the Pélargoniums – kept hoping against hope that the weather would turn quickly back to, not quite summer, but not winter… Anyway it hasn’t. So I hope I’ve not left it too late and they’ll re-establish in pots and get through unscathed.

With no rain (almost) today, I did a fair amount of raking, scraping, weeding and hacking. And a big gathering up of walnut leaves. So much more of the same to do tomorrow, and tomorrow….

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