It’s that precious time of year when the garden is full of potential; nothing has disappointed, gone wrong, been voled or not been planted or looked after… In fact, it’s all waiting to happen. And the madness of Spring hasn’t yet overwhelmed me and I can look at all these lovely things without thinking, ‘help, if I stop for five minutes I’m going to lose control!’

So, here are some lovely things I’ve been looking at:

The first swallow arrived yesterday. I got a glimpse of it sitting on the wires over at my neighbour’s, perhaps 50 metres away. My lovely new camera let me zoom in and take this photo!

All these Primulas are at there absolute best at the moment. The first is a random cross that appeared in the garden and that I’ve been splitting and planting around. The last three are ‘special’ doubles which have finally got to be enough of a size to think about splitting and increasing.

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