Le Gouffre…

Before the frost there was the rain. Not so much that it seemed significantly unusual, but the cumulative effects of saturated ground produced these beautiful images of Le Gouffre at Huelgoat.

I can’t remember seeing so much water flowing through before… It was impressive and exhilarating to watch!

The handrail leads down to a viewing platform – normally!

As well as the sheer quantity of water, the sound of it rushing and tumbling was so loud; adding to the whole experience. A great visit!

Real Winter Weather…

After so much mildness winter arrived a couple of weeks ago. A bit of a shock to the system as ‘Winter’ has meant wet, rather than super-cold for the past couple of years at least.

However, for the last week or so temperatures have been low. At first there was no accompanying sun which was starting to be a bit wearing, along with what seemed like a lot of rain… But this past week has seen low temperatures with sunshine. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, hoar frosts and crisp dry days. Above all the quality of the light has been amazing. Clean and sparkling. A taste of ‘real’ Winter! Here are a few chilly but beautifully frosty pictures:

A little pot of frozen water… a little world within it!

Viburnum leaf with frosty veins.
Manure with frost on!
Oak leaves at the roadside.

Comfrey leaves sparkling at the edges.

Today has returned to a quieter, milder greyness.