Full-on Spring!

I can hardly keep up with the plants, birds and other stuff daily unfurling, flying,singing, growing and generally being Spring-like!

Cracking a nut? No pecked a hole in a bag of maize and has been taking them out one at a time and eating them!
Horse Chestnut leaves unfolding
I cut back all the old, damaged leaves of the fern and these beauties were inside!
Mallow Skipper. Only the second time I’ve ever seen this butterfly and then, for about a week I saw them everywhere…
‘Number 35‘ Aberdeen Angus cow who discovered that if she came to the electric fence she might get given fresh cut grass. Then she started making a beeline for me each time she saw me so I had to stop feeding her. I didn’t overly trust the thin strand of wire between me, her and my garden!
Magnolia ‘Susan’ – A real beauty.
Not the brightest of birds. The Woodpigeons are attempting to build nests in bushes that can barely conceal them nor support their weight.
Lace-edged Primula looking very lovely.

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