Birds and Butterflies…

This is a bit of a catch up. So much lovely stuff in the garden and further afield that this post will be mainly pictures. So, where to begin?

Here’s my constant companion – always on the lookout for cheese – Robin.

And a busy Blackbird. I’m not sure how many babies this one was feeding but the worms didn’t stop coming.

The first appearance of Katzish. Hoping the vole population will suffer!

Damselfly perching on Hazel leaf. So many of these around this year. Either with blue or green bodies.

Swallowtail on the Hesperis matronalis. This plant proves itself to be a massive butterfly magnet in the Spring – in much the same way that Buddleia and Verbena bonariensis are in the height of summer.

Here’s the same plant, different butterfly – Painted Ladies arrived early this year.

Green Hairstreak on a Bluebell. This was my only sighting of this butterfly this year. It only flies in one generation so the window for seeing it is quite a small one.

Same goes for the Orange Tip. Another Spring/early Summer flying butterfly, but this was a good year and a good Spring for them and they were abundant.

Shelducks at the coast.

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