Musings on Spring

I am feeling that the season is ‘early’ this year. I mean that, for some reason, the soil seems warm enough to plant/sow into now. ¬†Looking back at my sowing journals for the past four years I’ve done nothing until the end of March/beginning of April… ¬†but this year feels different.

I am going to go with my intuition and will direct sow some peas and radish and rocket and maybe some spinach. And I’ll get some trays filled with seed compost and put in the tomatoes and tomatillos.

This could all be a huge mistake!

One thought on “Musings on Spring”

  1. It has been unseasonably warm and everything does seem to be happening earlier than expected. My own garden has lots of colour with both the forsythia [which, despite the hard chop, it blooming beautifully!] and next door’s clematis covering everything.

    I’m enjoying your photos and glad to see you are posting. xx

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