Wiltingly hot

….. and I mean for me as much as for the flowers – which are probably more resilient.

And since I looked the forecasts for the next few days’ temperatures have increased. Now I know that, compared to loads of areas these are ‘normal’ summer highs – and for other places – even rather on the cool side(!)

I’ll just have to sit under my parasol with a glass of fizzy water and homemade raspberry syrup, watch the butterflies and enjoy it for as long as it lasts (and try not to think about all the watering that’ll need doing later on….)

Still standing (just)

It’s still very windy, but somehow the polytunnel is managing to stay put. It’s got rips where most of its ties are and it makes a disconcerting ‘I’m trying to fly away’ noise whenever there is another gust. Hopefully the weather will calm down soon – leaving me with just the never ending Blightwatch warnings to deal with. I’m tempted to give a quick spray of Bordeaux to the new growth today. 

It’s a bit windy!

Polytunnel skeleton.

Polytunnel covered and planted.

It can be a lot worse than this in the winter, but 80kmph gusts in June are bad. And even worse when coupled with rain… There’s just so much more that can get damaged.

I’m sitting watching the plastic cover on the polytunnel billow and flap and am wondering how much more it can take before it rips or just flies away. I wasn’t overly excited at having it, because it’s such a big, ugly structure in the middle of my garden. But, now that it’s built and has tomatoes in it, it would be a major pain if it goes.