Still hot….but I’ve nothing to complain about. Oh yes I have, the evil mice!

It’s getting crowded in there….
Crocosmia ‘lucifer’ with both wild and golden marjoram in front.Lychnis chalcedonica with white Verbascum chaixii and the first Dahlia.So far no Blight despite many, many warnings. There was an adequate amount of rain last week just when it was getting properly worryingly dry, which has replenished my stocks a little. The tomatoes are setting fruits and growing well in the ‘greenhouse’. I’m digging potatoes daily and the various beans are coming along nicely. Some of my Dahlias are in full flowering mode already and the butterflies are plentiful and loving the heat.

But the cloud which doesn’t have a silver lining is this. The beautiful, much anticipated and lovingly tended pea patch has been stripped bare by mice. I know for definite it’s mice and not pigeons or people because there are neat piles of nibbled empty pods all along the rows of plants.

I put down a trap, baited with cheese, (after ┬áhaving tried in vain to persuade the cat that she wanted to stay on guard). The next morning the cheese and the rest of the peas had all gone but the trap hadn’t sprung. I’ve re-sown but it’s getting a bit late in the season to be confident of a second crop – mildew is often a problem later on, especially in hot weather.

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