It’s still too autumnal, too early…but the butterflies are magnificent.

There are huge quantities of pristine, newly emerged Peacock butterflies everywhere. I can easily count at least 30 each time I wander out into the garden the moment the sun comes out after yet another downpour. But I was happy to see the Sedum flowers being shared with the Red Admiral and the Comma.

And here’s a toad. Looking like it’s made of plastic, but it really isn’t. It was clambering around under the gooseberries. I love the bright orange of its eye.

And a bit more mushroom. I don’t eat Parasols (Macrolepiota procera) anymore. For no reason other than I find others that I prefer in such abundance that  I just tend to bypass them. I still always enjoy coming across them. And this one was so huge that I couldn’t not pick it. Look at the Cobnut next to it for scale!

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