Beanz Meanz…

Obviously not 57 varieties, but I’ve got lots!
I love the colours, forms, markings and abundance….

The harvesting of them has given me a bit of a push. Plus, I have attacked parts of the garden with shears and secateurs. This has made me feel better.

I have also been nurturing this Brugmansia for a couple of seasons. This year it grew well, but the flower buds only started to form at the beginning of October. Too late I thought. However….a mild Autumn and a bit of jiggling of the plant – into the conservatory and leaving the house door open so that the night temperature stayed around 7 degrees…. and….. Voila!

The perfume is amazing. Only at night time. Huge trumpets of custardy yellow loveliness with these beautiful curly, twirly tendrils. When they open wide they’re almost the size of my head!

Now, I need to get it through the winter….


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