Away from Balanou, what shall I do….?

Well…. Lots of shopping for seeds, bulbs, onion sets and seed potatoes! The seed shopping I suppose could have been done from France, as it’s almost all online, but I like the ritual of it in London – mainly because it reminds me that I’ll be going back to sow them all. That said, looking at the array of packets it’s a bit of a daunting prospect!

I’ve taken full advantage of Pound Lands/Worlds and Stretchers, as well as Wilko, Lidl and even Bunnings, ¬† ¬†which was new to me. Now I have a substantial stash of Dahlias, Gladioli, Sparaxis, Ixia and other summer flowerers. I’ve also got a new gadget: a maximum/minimum thermometer to be geeky with the weather. And books… quite a few, including a couple that I hope will help me get on with identifying mosses and lichens.

But I have been watching the weather forecast with some trepidation. Today and yesterday have been two of the balmy, sunny, beautiful February days that send you rushing into the garden shouting ‘Spring is here!’ It isn’t. Not yet. I’ve finally got wise to the fact that every year Nature plays this same trick, and I’m no longer falling for it. Especially after seeing this:

Look at those temperatures. We’re arriving just in time to walk right back into mid-winter.

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