After the first frost…

It was a hard frost; the Dahlias have collapsed into blackness and rotting stems. But, with a bit of netting strewn over various patches of garden, the majority of the late vegetables came through it unscathed. A good mix here of Pak Choi, Mizuna, Mustard Green, Celery, ‘Purple Top Milan’ turnips, baby carrots, Jerusalem artichokes and coriander leaf.

The beans were the only real casualty. They were supposed to be ripening to be stored dried for winter eating… but the frost put paid to that. ¬†I prefer them fresh like this anyway, so nothing lost! The variety is ‘Prague’ and when they are properly mature they are an attractive stripy crimson on a greyish-pink background:

Why another photo of carrots? Because I can’t normally grow them. They don’t like me. So this year I don’t know what I’ve done differently?

Boletus edulis, Porcini, Penny Bun….all different names for the same mushroom. Sliced up ready for drying.

A beautiful selection of ¬†Chanterelles, Amethyst Deceivers, tiny Hedgehog Fungus, Cauliflower Fungus, and a couple of Millers. From Huelgoat forest.And finally… Toussaint (All Souls) – in the village. Luckily the frost came the day before everyone put out their Chrysanthemums.

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