The Pink Granite Coast today…Ploumanac’h

A trip out to avoid sitting at home during a power cut –  not an unexpected one. EDF let me know three weeks ago that there would be work being done.

The electric went off as I went out of the door, and it was back on when I got back.

The Pink Granite Coast features in a lot of the tourist brochures for Brittany. It’s on the north coast like Plestin, which is the closest to me, but further along to the east.  At Plestin the pebbles are green, at Ploumanac’h the pebbles are… pink!

Actually, not massive amounts of pink pebbles on the beach. Lots of pink gravel. And actually, not really ‘pink’. More a salmony, orangish, pink. But the big (pink) boulders and rock formations are very different from my normal beach. Very reminiscent of the rocks around Land’s End in Cornwall. Or even of some of the Tors on Dartmoor. But the colour is pink. It wasn’t a sunny day, but the ‘pink’ is there on some of these photos:

And this…. a beautiful mixture of shells:

and a surprising, but lovely, late flowering of Rosa (canina?)

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