More good stuff. Who’d have thought Autumn would be so generous?

I didn’t expect to be seeing any more butterflies. But a truly beautiful day today brought forth this stunning Comma. It was obviously enjoying feasting on the windfall apples.

And this Speckled Wood was floating around for most of this afternoon.

I’ve been intrigued by this for a few days now…a wasps nest that was dug out from a hedgerow bank. I think it was a badger that did it. (courageous or daft?) But the chunks of nest were strewn over the ground and there are still – four days later – a hardcore of wasps still clinging on in there… Every so often one flies off with what seems like a bit of the nest in its jaws. 

And finally… A very hardworking mouse has been amassing these acorns; rolling them a not insignificant distance to this gap in the step where it either has a nest or is making a store for the winter.

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