This is what I left behind…

I had hoped to update this before leaving, or even on the ferry coming back, but here it is now…

Winter Purslane and Chicory ‘Rossa di Treviso’:

The first crocuses opening:

The Camellia I posted in bud last time….

Helleborus niger. I need more of these!

These snowdrops are (finally) really starting to self-sow and increase. They came, initially, as a tiny clump from my parents’ front garden and they’ve steadily increased year on year.

The forecast is that in the days to come this (almost) non-winter will perhaps get a taste of the ‘real’ winter being currently experienced in Germany and Austria… Hopefully the plants that are foolish enough to think it’s already Spring won’t get too much of a shock!

A mixture of good things.

Daphne odora aureomarginata. If only I could put this perfume in a blog post! These relatively unshowy flowers are pretty, and welcome at this time of year. But the fragrance….If you could bottle it I’d wear it!St. Maudez amongst the pines:

Plestin beach:

Honeycomb weirdness over the mussels – every year it’s the same!

Medlar and apple jelly – the last preserve of last year.

Hamamelis ‘pallida’  – the best it’s ever been…

Primroses (many colours) starting to flower:

Camellias getting ready:

Winter honeysuckle, Lonicera purpusii – I dug this up and moved it to another spot. I wasn’t sure if it would be happy (or even survive the move), so the flowers now are an added joy.

Add to all of this the days getting longer by (literally) a minute or two, and the feeling that Spring is waiting in the wings….this has, so far, been a good Winter!