This could have been just an indifferent day. Rainy, very windy, chilly… The sun popping out every so often as the clouds scudded over the sky. Typical April weather. So, a trip out to Plougrescant. Somewhere I’ve not been before.

And the wind, once we arrive at Plougrescant, is a blessing. Whipping up the waves and sending foam and a salty spray way inland. I notice that I seem to be looking through a mist. My glasses blasted by the salty air. But what a sea! And what beautiful light.

Plougrescant is one of the most typically ‘touristy’ places in Brittany. There is a photo that everyone takes of a house built/sandwiched between two huge granite outcrops, with the sea and sky behind it. I saw it today and it’s only bloody-mindedness that stopped me taking the same photo. Instead I took photos of everything else there instead:

This is Le Gouffre – the Chasm. A gap between to huge outcrops of granite. Today the sea was foaming and the wind was gusting. So, not easy to hang around watching the waves unless you felt like being battered by them…

Sea Kale, Bladder Campion, Sea Beet… looking like a planted rock garden amongst the mulch of stones and pebbles.

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