The ‘perfect’ May weather continues.

If only there hadn’t been that little cold snap this would be even more amazing. And if there could be one overnight downpour it would be even better… Look at that. Never really happy with what I’ve got!

But the butterflies know better than me. They’re not complaining.

A male Orange Tip ( Anthocharis cardamines) loving the Hesperis matronalis.

Perhaps the same male roosting on an unopened Campanula persificolia

My first ever photo, and only third ever sighting of a Green Hairstreak. I’d first seen it in North Devon on the Coast Path in a damp valley at Heddon’s Mouth. Then, the second time on a track not too far away from here. I’m thrilled to have added this species to the ‘seen in my garden’ list. And, similarly, this unassuming, unremarkable next one:

A Mallow Skipper (Carcharodus Alceae). New to me and helpfully identified by contributors to UK Butterflies forum. A butterfly not found in the UK however.

And neither is this one… My favourite European Swallowtail (Papilio machaon). A female, egg laying on this year’s tender leaves of Bronze Fennel.

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