Welcome rain…and unwelcome consequences

Watched this one journey across the window pane this morning. Nothing for it to eat on the glass, so I left it to get on with it. Its many other friends and relations were not so lucky… A mixture of picking and squashing, or the blue pellets of death for them. I don’t use the pellets indiscriminately, but I’ve lost too many plants over the years when I was trying to be ‘kind’ to slugs and snails. So now I’m merciless if they’re in the garden.

But the past few days of rain has been good for the garden. Now for some sun and warmth to give everything a lovely spurt of growth!

These are all general views of various parts of the garden, and roadside planting:

Middle patch newly planted…
End of the garden. Dad’s Hebe cutting to the left.
Roadside after rain.
Close to house – semi circle border.
Onions in foreground, broad beans and main crop potatoes behind (and some lovely chives)
Late evening, looking out…

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