Purple haze…. and I can Sing a Rainbow…

The purple haze is provided by the Early Spotted Orchids growing in the far side of the field next to the garden. It’s a bit of the field that, since we arrived was never cultivated. It was cut to keep down the weeds and the Willow which pops up at the first opportunity. It’s damp there… as well as the Willow there’s Ragged Robin and Ladies’ Smock. And where there’s Ladies’ Smock (Cardamine pratensis) there are Orange Tip butterflies. More about them in my next post.

But here is the song:

Red – Sparaxis – a rogue corm that somehow didn’t get eaten by voles. I didn’t notice it until it flowered.

And Yellow… I’m not sure what this plant is. I think the variety is ‘Little Leo’ but other than that… a blank.

And pink… well this is a seedling of Candelabra Primula now two years old. And a real stunner. I’m still waiting to see what others from the batch turn out like. If they’re halfway as good as this one I’ll be happy. (And green…)

Orange… Calendula. Self sown pot marigolds. Never enough of them in the garden. My fault as they’re very easy!

And Purple…. Iris ‘Franz Hals’. I know their flowering season hardly justifies a place in the garden; two days and they’re finished! But for the two days that they’re there… perfection.

And Blue. Much more reliable. Perennial Cornflower. Centaurea. Actually looking rather purple. I should scrabble and find some Forget me nots…

Green is missing, only it’s not, as it is the Limey fizz uniting all these other colours at the moment. It’s everywhere. Even the most mundane weed in its spring green freshness is appealing right now.

I can definitely sing a rainbow too…

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