Just outside the garden…

A few photos of round and about… The fields and meadows have been beautiful this year; such a variety of grasses and flowers, and such lushness. And all on my doorstep.

‘My’ field, obviously no such thing, but it’s the field my garden was carved out of, and flanks it on one side. The first picture is after it was cut for silage earlier…

And the re-growth now. And the amazing flowers! When this was originally sown for permanent pasture it was with ryegrass. It took two or three years to not look patchy, and to be honest never looked that great… but the past two years have seen a transformation. So many wildflowers. I said last year that I should be systematically trying to record what’s growing here, but of course I haven’t (yet?)

Water meadow nearby after having been cut for hay. The darker green zig zag is the rush growing back more vigorously than the grass where the various streams flow/drain down to the valley bottom.

Track in the Landes de Kerlouet. Heather, gorse, bracken and ‘le Miroir’ butterfly.

Walking through the pines at St. Maudez.

I’m very lucky.

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