The Gorge is gorgeous!

Three visits, a week or so apart. Very different. The first in brilliant sunshine and unseasonably mild temperature. The second in greyness, drizzle and cold. The third, today, with mild weather returned but after quite a lot of rain.

The Gorge remains gorgeous. 

Each time has given me a basketful of Tube Chanterelles. 

Every time it’s given me feasts for my eyes and a feeling of ‘Wow. This place is special.’

Sometimes I feel I’m over-familiar with the route but, then something surprising will be thrown up that makes me see it afresh.

And despite me being no fan of wet, winter, rain and murk. Today – after a lot of the above, but nicely mild again, was another excellent visit.

Foaming water. Amazing lichens and mosses. Of course the mushrooms and an overwhelming ‘green-ness’ that the camera couldn’t capture.

Loved it!

Sunlight on the Chaos
Tramestes versicolor on a beech stump
Nice and foamy!
Super foamy!
The biggest Tube Chanterelles (Cantherellus tubaeformis).
Lichen on rocks.